Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Card

This is the picture we sent in our Christmas Cards this year. A co-worker of Matt's took them for us and we loved this one. 

We also sent some pictures to family and I'll post those next week. 
Merry Christmas!! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Morgan's Movements {Part 2}

Sometimes, we have weeks where things happen but not necessarily things that are fit for a full post so I think these "The Morgan's Movements" posts are just right for those things. 

Last Sunday, Mason and I stopped by Old Navy to look for something and he was cracking up looking at himself in the mirror so...duh, we took a pictures! 

Matt had to work late so I took Mason to Zaxby's for a Mommy-Mason Date. He dipped his chicken and fries for the first time. Several meals since then, he has been looking for something to dip. :)

My little Man is so cute in his blue jeans. 

Monday Morning, we took some PJ selfies. Little did we know, they would be the first of many for the week. 

Little guy had a rough nap so I picked him up and he fell asleep on me. It was just the beginning...

I made some yummy soup Monday night and it was just what we needed for the cold night. 

And I finished the night with some of this. 

Tuesday, started off yucky but we rallied and went out as a family. 

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was a restless one which led to me picking up my boy for some morning sleepy snuggles and then an MD appt which revealed double ear infections and RSV. :(

We got a strong antibiotic shot and lots of rest ensued with a little play involved, too. 

Thursday was more of the same...And Friday, too...

(Yeah, that's snot. Honestly, as much as it was running, there was NO way to keep it clean!)

Matt finished up 3 overnights and then a long day for inventory. He brought me home Zaxby's. keep him! 

MMM and MM were feeling some better and there were some Guitar lessons

Saturday was a better day and play was a little more active, smiles were more frequent and coughing was less. WOOOO!!! 

Saturday night, we broke out for hot chocolate and light looking. It was short lived but it was fun nonetheless! 

Sunday, Mason woke almost completely better but we laid low mostly to avoid infecting anyone or getting further infected. 

MM decided to take MMM out for a little Daddy-Mason date for shopping for Mom's Christmas gift. Mason was showing off his muscles! 

My handsome fellas ready for a quick date. 

We are so glad to be mostly past the sickness. We missed a lot of fun events this past week but we are also aware that sometimes, relaxation and chill time (despite sickness) are just what we need. Thankful for silver linings.