Friday, February 12, 2016

A Special Gift for GiGi!

Years ago, my mom gave me several clothing items that once belonged to my grandparents, etc. Included in those were scarves and ties, as well. 

My mom gave me a dress, a button down shirt and a gown. I loved these items and thought for years about how I wanted to use them. Back in January, I finally decided that I wanted to make them into pillows. I have no sewing ability so I got in touch with a friend who sews and she was up for making them for me.

I told her I had little expectation. I just wanted the items made into pillows and that was it. I was glad she was able to do this because I was trying to avoid shipping them to anyone (extra cost) and I liked that we could just exchange everything locally. 

One weekend, her mom was in town and apparently, she's the BEST seamstress ever because between the two of them, they made these three awesome pillows!! You guys, I could NOT be more pleased.

My mom received the first two pillows for her birthday and the third pillow was sent along with it for my mom to give to my uncle.
The bottom right of each picture is the item I gave her. Aren't they awesome??? 

Thanks again, Melissa!!! Your work exceeded any expectations that I ever would have had! You ROCK!! 

**Mom's birthday isn't until March but I had to send them early. I couldn't wait!!**

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early February 2016}

Let's see what's been going on in early February!!

We spent the 1st afternoon of the month at the Rasnake's house and Mason was moving non-stop!! 

You guys, I wanted to include this picture because it was from our date night. We had hot tea and a free Panera bagel. Yes, I realize it is upside down. I fixed it in the photo program and when I uploaded it, it still looked like this...haha. Oh well! 

Tuesday morning, we watched the new baby giraffe at the Greenville Zoo. It was fascinating! 

Later that day, on our lazy day, we watched Cars and I got some GOOD snuggles. Mason just climbed right up into my lap and I soaked it up! 

"Mason, want to go check the mail?" "Yeah!!" (runs into his room for what I assume will be his shoes and he comes out with this!) 

Working on trying on some shoes and loosening the strings, etc. :)

I got a boost of energy and I rearranged Mason's bookshelf to make things more accessible. It's working great so far. 

Tuesday night I worked and Matt took advantage of a BOGO burrito and Kids Eat Free at Moe's. Think Mason was into that burrito!?!? 

Wednesday morning we headed to MOPS. Just my buddy and me! 

Love my MOPS ladies!!

When we got back home, we had a package from GiGi and inside were these awesome silicon heart cupcake holders. 

Thursday morning, we headed to the science center. What fun! 

After nap, we had some fun reading and chill time! 

Friday morning, Matt had to work early and we had a MOMS Club meeting. Afterwards, we got to take our buddy Anna on her birthday date, finally! These two are so cute! 

Friday evening was a chill evening for us. Saturday morning, we had breakfast at home and Matt got a haircut. Afterwards, I dropped the guys at the Home Depot Kid's Workshop while I picked up a few things at Wal-Mart. Mason got a little work done. :) 

We headed home for lunch and nap and then we headed to our church for a tailgating event. Mason, completely unprompted, pulled up the ice chest and got comfy. Boy knows how to tailgate! 

We had a Saturday night church service and it was late when we finished BUT since it was National Fro-Yo day and we couldn't pass up FREE fro-yo! 

Since we headed to church Saturday, Sunday was a bit unconventional for us. I headed straight to work and Matt took Mason on a bagel date. (Praise the Lord for a FREE bagel everyday in February! Matt lucked up with that awesome reward!) 

Mason got Mason a chocolate chip bagel. Think he was excited?!?

We raised him right!!1 

When I was driving home from work, I saw this Lamborghini. My mind was blown. Haha! 

We finished up our weekend out with a lunch and ice cream date. I love my boy so much! 

See those crossed feet?! 

Super Bowl snacks are yummy!! 

Mason was obviously STUFFED!! 

And Matt? Well, Football and Food? He was happy, too! 

Monday morning I worked and Mason went to Mrs. Jenn's. He was READY!! 

He insisted that Matt get geared up, too! 

Upside down fun with Emma girl. 

Tuesday was a LAZY morning and Mason got comfy on Matt's side of the bed. :) 

We celebrated Mardi Gras with one more Fresh Market kingcake. 

Cutie-pie ready to deliver Valentine's with friends. 

You guys!!! Check out that bed head!

We ended the first part of February with Valentine's party with friends and then we had a pizza dinner with our friends, The Rasnakes. 

We are ready for you, Mid-February!